All about LNL:

Late Night Laundry is my personal recording project I started in 2008 essentially for the RPM Challenge. I'll explain RPM briefly, but for a better explanation at their website, click the name above.

RPM is a challenge to make an original, full length album in 28 days (February). I somehow managed to accomplish this in 2008, despite not learning about it until January 28th. It's not an easy thing to pull off. I tried again in 2009 but failed miserably. You do not win any prizes or special recognition other than being able to say that you did it. So, in essence, it's just an excercise in pushing yourself creatively.

Now some background about me: I'm a self-taught bassist who didn't get started until I was about 19. I'm not one of those people with a "gift" for music who has been playing since they were 8 years old or something. I'm also deaf enough that I have to wear hearing aids. This affects how I hear music, and consequently, what I hear is not exactly what you hear. This is especially true when mixing and "mastering". So I apologize in advance if my recordings don't sound quite right. Since it's only me, I don't play live shows (although, Joe Preston is a pretty inspiring example of what one man and a bass can do).

What else?

I was in 3 bands between 1995 and 2000. In 2001 I quit music altogether and placed most of my equipment into storage where it was later stolen. I had no plans to be involved in music any further after that.

Jumping ahead to 2007, I decided to start re-acquiring instruments and equipment. I guess it was the need to have a creative outlet in some way. My primary instruments are 4 string and 8 string bass. I also have a pedal fetish and sometimes pretend I'm a guitar player. That's about it. I got all the basic stuff in time for RPM 2008. Hear the results in the discography section.

Some of my influences in no particular order:
The 1960s, Kim and Kelley Deal, Giant prehistoric ground sloths, Lush, Julie Ruin, Doug Stanhope, Bardo Pond, N.W.A., Yonic South, drum & bass and happy hardcore, wheat beer + orange juice, Bikini Kill, Oldschool Godzilla movies with the rubber suit and the shitty english dubbing, Grace Slick, South Korean riots where they fight the cops and win, The Go-Go's and (old) Smashing Pumpkins.

If you have questions email me.