This is a link dump for stuff I like or things people might find interesting.  I've tried to seperate things into various categories. If any of these links are dead or broken please let me know.

Bardo Pond   
Le Tigre   
The Breeders   
Grace Slick   
Amazing Reverb Engine   
Dead Meadow   
The RPM Challenge   
Kill Rock Stars   
The Meek   
Ojos Rojos   

Pat Condell   
The Rational Response Squad   
Richard Dawkins   
No Beliefs   
Freedom From Religion Foundation   
God is imaginary   

Politics, Philosophy, Science & Literature

Naomi Klein   

George Orwell
Animal Farm

Emma Goldman
My Disillusionment in Russia
Anarchism and Other Essays

Henry David Thoreau
Life & Writings

Arthur Schopenhauer
The world as will and idea 1
The world as will and idea 2
The world as will and idea 3

Friedrich Nietzsche
Works by Nietzsche

Charles Darwin
Works by Darwin

News, Humor, Weblogs, Media & Contemporary Writing
Chris Jordan: Midway   
The Exiled   
The Ludic Log   
Kathleen's Blog   
Modern Drunkard Magazine   
It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers   
Doug Stanhope   
Jane of All Trades   
Creative Ether   
Terra Incognita films   

Boss Area   Boss pedal fansite.
America's Pedal   DOD pedal fansite.
Energy Fiend   Caffeine content database.
Secrets of the Little Blue Box   
My Favorite War Nerd Article   From The Exiled.
Build Your Own Instrument Cables   From The BYOC Forums.